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WSS Redpoint berät navabi bei Finanzierungsrunde durch DuMont Venture und Klaus Wecken

Das Aachener Startup navabi (www.navabi.de) ist eine Online Boutique für hochwertige Designermode in großen Größen. Im September 2010 beteiligen sich DuMont Venture und der Investor Klaus Wecken an navabi.

WSS Redpoint berät navabi im Rahmen der Finanzierungsrunde. Federführend tätig ist Herr RA Peter Siedlatzek.


Das sagt unser Mandant Zahir Dehnadi

navabi GmbH, CEO

Throughout the past few years I have had the chance to work with very decent consultants and lawyers. I have come to know that two characteristics that set the best apart from the merely good, two characteristics that many claim but few have, two characteristics that can hardly be taught, are integrity and a deep sense of responsibility. Peter excels in both of them! Working with Peter, you can be sure that he will do his utmost best to help you achieve your goal, without having to doubt his interests. It feels like you are working with a good old friend and not merely with a business partner.

Moreover, I would regard myself to be very selective when it comes to calling people strategically aware. With Peter I would have to accentuate that he does not only have a very strategic mind but further, that he is lucky enough to have the emotional skills of an excellent diplomat. Your goals will be achieved without alienating your business partners.

Additionally you can be sure that he knows his field. When it comes to M&As, VC deals, restructuring, financing, growth and strategic alliances of companies you will be consulted by one of the best.

The list of Peter's hard and soft skills is very long and it is worth writing many pages about, but for me it all boils down to one sentence: I can wholeheartedly recommend Peter.



Peter Siedlatzek

Rechtsanwalt, Wirtschaftsjurist (Univ.)

Spichernstr. 73
50672 Köln


+49 (0)221 272 51 88 0

+49 (0)221 272 51 88 27